A François Truffaut box set, "the President's Man", "the Sixth Day" ... Which films to watch on DVD or VOD this week?

♥♥♥ François Truffaut box: Passion for cinema

Eight films on DVD/Blu-Ray, Arte Editions (16 hours).

"If you write by hand, it won't be perfect, the handwriting may be shaky, but it will be you, your handwriting", François Truffaut said of his films interpreted by him, which he knew to be limited by his acting.of actor."Handwritten letters": this is a fair definition of Truffalde's work, so changeable, irregular, overflowing with passions kept at bay by his literary manners.The filmmaker of "Pocket Money" used to to say that he was directing each film against the previous one.

This has never been truer than in the 1970s, when, at the height of his international fame and co-produced by the Americans of United Artists, he walked from a period drama to a contemporary, adapted William Irish and then s inspired by Henry James, took uncertain paths and rubbed shoulders with difficult questions.Education civilizes, but does it humanize, in "The Wild Child"? What to do with desire and love in "The Man Who Loved Women"? How to live with our dead in “the Green Room”? Films essential to understanding Truffaut, all three inhabited by a character of a deaf-mute child and a locked-in adult, where the voice of reason is that of the wonderful Jean Dasté.And how can we not see, today, in " The Wild Child ”a major influence on Spielberg's“ ET ”, and in“ The Man Who Loved Women ”the most honest and substantial answer to the male gauze debate?

Posted Date: 2020-12-29

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